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Kentwood Films Announces the Start of Production for 'Devil's Breath'

Chicago, IL – Kentwood Films, in a groundbreaking collaboration with ROSH Pictures and Blackhole
Media, proudly announces the commencement of its eagerly anticipated project, the Family Action
Crime Thriller, "
Devil's Breath". This cinematic venture marks a significant milestone in the genre,
promising to deliver a gripping narrative centered around the alarming issue of child disappearances in

Start of Production and Initial Casting

The initial shooting schedule has officially begun, setting the stage for what is expected to be a seamless
production process. The cast, a diverse ensemble of talent, has been finalized, ensuring that "
Devil's Breath" resonates with audiences through compelling performances and a riveting storyline.

Film Production-Behind the scenes pictures

Filming Location

Embracing the vibrant city of Chicago as its primary backdrop, the movie aims to showcase the city's
dynamic landscape while weaving a tale of mystery and suspense that will keep audiences on the edge
of their seats.

Website Launch

In anticipation of the film's release, the official movie website,, will go live on
February 17th. This platform will serve as a hub for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive
insights into the making of "
Devil's Breath".

Website Screenshot

About 'Devil's Breath'

"Devil's Breath" unfolds against the harrowing backdrop of child disappearances in the heart of Chicago. FBI Agent Ethan leads a specialized task force determined to unravel the mystery. Inspired by the resilience of Micaela, a young survivor, Ethan's investigation propels him into a dangerous web of deceit and danger, revealing a sprawling conspiracy and a race against time to bring justice to the innocent.

A Message Beyond Entertainment

Through its suspenseful narrative and poignant social commentary, "Devil's Breath" aims to shed light on the grim realities of child trafficking and drug issues. The film is not just an endeavor to entertain but also a bold effort to inform and inspire action among audiences worldwide.

Additional Contact Information

For further information, press materials, and interview requests, please contact:

Romeo Kattokkaran, Film Maker, Kentwood Films

Saji Kavalam, Production Control Executive

Phone: 847-275-3456


About Kentwood Films

Kentwood Films International, known for its dedication to producing compelling narratives that resonate with audiences globally, can be found at

About ROSH Pictures

ROSH Pictures, a collaborator on this project, continues to push the boundaries of storytelling. More information can be found at

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